Semi Sweet

  • Raja Golden Marie :

    The tasty, crispy companion of a steaming cup of flavourful tea. No tea time is complete without it.

  • Raja Good Morning Thin Arrowroot :

    The popular, crunchy taste of healthy arrowroot biscuit that is loved by all generations.

  • Raja Royal Marie :

    The tasty, crispy companion of a steaming cup of flavourful tea. No tea time is complete without it.

  • Raja Kings Marie :

    The familiar Marie biscuits enriched with more goodness of proteins and vitamins.


  • Raja Makkhan Bite :

    Mouth-watering butter that melts in your mouth with a hint of crispy fun.

  • Raja Milk Dairy :

    Packed with the goodness of pure milk, the Milk Dairy Biscuits are a healthy treat for the whole family.

  • Raja Golden Time Elaichi :

    The pure elaichi flavour of real cardamom with the refreshing crunch of tasty biscuits. Spice up your life with the alluring taste.

  • Raja - G Glucose :

    Healthy and tasty glucose biscuits for energy that lasts through the day.

  • Raja Nariyel Crunch Coconut :

    The taste of crunchy coconut in every bite. A delicious snack to share with friends, colleagues and family.

  • Raja Break Fast :

    A great beginning of a great day with healthy Raja Break Fast Biscuits. Perfect for breakfast and tiffin time.

  • Raja Koko Fun Coconut :

    The taste and flavour of real coconut in every bite. Hard to resist, harder to stop.


  • Raja Sugar Free Cream Cracker :

    The taste of good health, that is surprisingly delicious. Ideal for the health conscious and diabetics.

  • Raja Cream Cracker :

    A healthy choice for healthy people. Mildly salty with less sugar and more fibre. Good for the entire family.

  • Raja Crazy Top :

    The crazy combination of sweet and salty, yet light biscuits can make you go crazy and leave you yearning for more.

  • Raja Big-B Spicy Cracker :

    The spicy, fun filled Big-B crackers have a blockbuster taste. It is a big hit with any form of entertainment.

  • Raja Lite Snax :

    Light and crispy, salty snacks that can be enjoyed any time of the day. Add some cheese garnishing to rev up the party.

  • Raja Double Mazza :

    A perfect balance of sweet and savoury taste, Raja Double Mazza means twice the fun.

  • Raja Mitha Masti :

    Enjoy the sweet and delicious taste of Raja Mitha Masti Biscuits to have non-stop fun.

  • Raja Bindaas Masti Masala :

    A spicy mix of taste and flavour that adds extra fun to party nights.

  • Raja Picnic Jeera Masala :

    Relish the spicy taste of cumin in every bite. The salty, spicy flavour keeps lingering.


  • Raja Chocolate Cream :

    Pure temptation of rich chocolate cream sandwiched between crispy biscuits. Impossible to refuse.

  • Raja Vanilla Cream :

    The sweet flavour of vanilla and the sugary taste of cream combine to create a sinful taste. Sweet indulgence.

  • Raja Orange Cream :

    The sweet and tangy flavour of real orange and the sweet taste of delicious cream. So tempting.

  • Lemon Raja Cream :

    The sweet and subtly sour taste of lemon cream is quite addictive. Loved by kids and adults alike.

  • Raja Pineapple Cream :

    Indulge your taste buds with the taste of pineapple cream. It will bowl you over.

  • Raja Valentine Vanilla :

    Tasty biscuits you would love to share with your special someone. The vanilla cream will make you fall in love, once again.

  • Raja Doodh Cream :

    The deliciously healthy taste of milk cream in every bite. Good for grown-ups, great for kids.

  • Raja Elaichi Cream :

    The punch of cardamom flavour and the taste of sweet cream.  
    The combination is simply delightful.